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You are not defined by your symptoms, your illness, or the confines of your the confines of your body. You are an energetic, dynamic being capable of self-healing. At Integrative Medical NY, we treat the whole you by combing the best of functional & conventional medicine. Along with cutting edge technology to balance you in mind, body and spirit.

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Functional Medicine is a different approach to medicine than what you may not be used to. Instead of simply treating symptoms, functional medicine searches for underlying causes of disease through extensive testing and in-depth blood work. This provides more information whereby we can “connect the dots” of seemingly unrelated symptoms and determine the root causes of illness. In order words, it is an individualized approach that delves deeply into the patient’s history and creates a true partnership between the physician and the patient. It is a unique way of organizing a matrix of observations about the patient’s health to decide on the best therapeutic and preventative strategies.


Our care team takes a comprehensive, personalized approach to healthcare. Our physicians are functional medicine practitioners and board-certified internists. We are dedicated to helping our patients achieve long-term health with a range of traditional and alternative integrative therapies.


Maurice Beer, M.D.
Maurice Beer, M.D.Medical Director - Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner
My journey in science and medicine began as an undergraduate at Columbia College where I majored in biology. After graduating from New York Medical College and completing post graduate training leading to board certification in internal medicine I worked in a number of outpatient settings that allowed me the opportunity to experience different aspects of medical practice. These positions including work in an emergency room, as medical director in the outpatient clinic of a residency training program, as medical consultant to a hospice program, as an internist in a multi specialty medical practice working with a pediatrician, psychiatrist, and social workers caring for families, and as a primary care physician in one of the first HMOs in New York.

Each of these experiences highlighted the gap between my training and our healthcare system and the actual practice of medicine and the needs of my patients. Seeking independence from institutional practice, I started private practice in 1981. As managed care gradually dominated the healthcare system I experienced the growing intrusion of insurance companies in the relationship between doctors and patients.

The US has the costliest healthcare in the world yet we are at or near the top of the list in cancer, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, and metabolic disorders like hypertension and diabetes. Physicians are trained to treat symptoms rather than causes; manage diseases rather than health.

I learned about Functional Medicine in 1995 and quickly adapted my practice to this model. I wanted to have unhurried visits so I could get a comprehensive history, identify the underlying functional imbalances, “connect the dots”, and educate patients. Helping them understand their condition and the options and rationale for recommendations made treatment more effective.

I maintain an idealistic view of the art and practice of medicine. My past experiences, interests, education, and continued studies allow me to offer patients a wide range of solutions that emphasize lifestyle management and medication when needed.
I am committed to ongoing education to maintain clinical skills in the ever-changing world of healthcare.

I believe everyone has a right to enjoy optimal health and that the model of functional medicine as a diagnostic and teaching tool helps provide the best possible approach to chronic conditions, prevention, and healthy aging.


Tim Morley, D.O
Tim Morley, D.OInternal Medicine - Functional Medinice
Dr. Timothy Morley, a bioidentical hormone expert, and Board Certified physician, has been dedicated to helping patients find relief from common hormonal imbalances, including problems with obesity, for many years.

Dr. Morley specializes in an integrative combination of hormone balancing, customized nutrition, and fitness regimens, as well as using only pharmaceutical-grade supplements when appropriate. With his background and expertise, he has assisted countless patients in eliminating hormonal imbalances, along with their many negative effects, while optimizing patients’ overall health and sense of well-being.

Dr. Morley earned his medical degree at the Ohio University College of Medicine, whereupon he entered his Emergency Medicine residency at South Point Hospital, now part of the Cleveland Clinic Health System. Dr. Morley is Board Certified in Functional Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine and has extensive training in healthy aging provided by the Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. He also has a degree in Law and regularly serves as a consultant for medial legal issues.

The Power of Functional Medicine

At Integrative Medical NY, patients find a wide range of services to recover from chronic illness, regain energy, and live fuller healthier lives. With an emphasis on functional diagnosis and integrative therapies, our Manhattan-based practice serves a wide range of patients, from those seeking to optimize their health to those with chronic, complex illnesses.

The foundation of functional medicine allows our medical team to diagnose and treat illness with many different approaches. The practice is led by Dr. Maurice Beer and Dr. Tim Morley and supported by a team of associated practitioners, health coaches, and nutritionists.

  • Menopause

  • Thyroid

  • Gut Health

  • Weight Management

  • Autoimmunity

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IMNY Health Values

Our mission is to practice medicine that is thorough, investigative, compassionate, and practical.

Before you even step foot in our office, we want you to understand the comprehensive nature of our practice and how the care we provide is different. We work with you to identify the causes of your illness and address these causes rather than just treating the symptoms.

Although we provide a full range of care for medical illnesses, our perspective is informed by viewing illness as a systems problem rather than just a condition with a diagnosis attached to it. We are committed to helping you get a better understanding of the underlying causes of your illness and the links between your symptoms, personal and family history, lifestyle choices, diet and relationships.

We are committed to helping you achieve optimal health, starting with a detailed and extensive investigative approach. By applying nutritional and specialized testing, we develop individualized programs of diet, lifestyle, nutritional supplementation, and medications to help you achieve optimal health or treat chronic complex medical problems.

For us to truly understand how you developed into who you are now, we assess all the factors in your life that impact your health. This includes lifestyle factors, environmental influences, genetic variations, diet, and family history. All of these can be changed for the better by the choices we make.



Integrative Medical NY always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. see what our patients have to say about iMNY.

“It was a wonderful first time experience in an integrative medicine practice. The level of attention, personalized care and caring was superb. We were there for about 3 hours in an outstanding care. Outstanding clinical care model and providers. Strongly recommend if you want to significantly improve your health and needs help.”

– Ana F. via Google

Ana F.

Dr. Beer kindly explained everything with detail and I was able to understand the course of treatment fully. His assistant Monique was very helpful and kind as well. Marilyn was so kind and helpful. She printed all of notes for me and was able to show me where to find things on the patient portal. So happy to begin treatment!

– Valentina H. via Google

Valentina T

“I have been a patient of Dr Beer and his team since 2003. I have had the best medical care ever.
Knowledgeable in all areas of medicine and health care. Great and caring service. Dr Beer once called me back on a Friday evening to check up on a call I had placed to his office. Would highly recommend!”

– Bill H.  

Billy H.

What Makes Us Different?

At Integrative Medical NY we form a true “partnership” with our patients. Our office visits are at least an hour long, and we encourage ongoing communication and exchange of information with our patients via our unique messaging system. You will have access to your records and the ability to message the physician 24 hours daily.

Dr. Beer and Dr. Morley are committed to educating their patients. The word “doctor” is Latin for teacher. We take that seriously and believe that our patients should be educated on the mechanisms and causes of their illnesses. The patient has access to 100s of educational articles (in our resource library), which can further increase the patient’s understanding of his or her illness.

The hallmark of our practice is identifying and treating the underlying mechanisms of illness. Extensive and exclusive testing is used to delve deeply into the patient’s health, thereby allowing us to “connect the dots” of seemingly unrelated symptoms, which actually have a common underlying cause. Our treatment plans establish goals in an orderly and timely fashion, which aligns with our patients’ goals. 

IMNY ensures that patients always have access to the appropriate staff. We realize and emphasize the fact that lifestyle and diet are one of the most important elements to overcoming chronic illness and maintaining optimal health. Also, Dr. Beer and Dr. Morley understand and appreciate the fact that the patient’s underlying mental health is often key to a person’s physical health. Simply stated, we believe in the mind-body connection that has been the hallmark of medicine for thousands of years, then seemingly forgotten in our present day and age.

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