Comprehensive Restoration Program

Managing chronic complex illness

At IMNY, we see many patients with long-standing health problems that have defied conventional diagnostic and treatment approaches. In some cases, adverse reactions to pharmaceuticals impact treatment and cause unacceptable side effects. In others, patients are offered biologic or immunological therapies with serious, adverse side effect profiles. They may even be offered surgery.

If you suffer from chronic health issues and are unwilling to accept these options, and you’re seeking safer treatments that focus on lifestyle, diet and nutrition, you’ll be happy to know that many chronic illnesses can be managed successfully with a functional medicine approach.

Identifying the underlying causes

Functional medicine identifies the underlying causes of illness through a highly refined process for treating these problems.

Conditions that benefit from this type of approach include:

  • Chronic fatigue syndromes
  • Autoimmune disorders including rheumatologic conditions
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Biotoxin illness
  • Neuroinflammatory disorders and cognitive impairment
  • Mood disorders, anxiety and depression

Advances in the science of genetics and epigenetics, the microbiome, neurocognitive function and management of immune dysfunction and inflammation, have refined our ability to assess, diagnose and treat these conditions.

At INMY, we follow a process developed by The Institute for Functional Medicine that is represented by the acronym

GO TO IT: Gather, Organize, Tell, Order, Initiate, and Track.

Gather & Organize

We will ask you a lot of questions via forms and questionnaires, completion of the Power2Patient Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and during our face-to-face visits. In order to get answers to your medical problems we need to ask the right questions, “good questions”. We apply the same approach that a historian might use by creating a time line of your health history to allow us to see how events in your life are connected to your current health problems. We analyze the details of your history to understand the factors that precede or influence a health event- we call these antecedents, triggers and mediators.


Next, we tell your story back to you to assure that we have gathered all the information and put it in the correct sequence. Then we begin to connect the dots of your health story. One of the interesting aspects of this step is how it helps to uncover important factors that may have been overlooked in the first telling. This approach also provides new insights that enable you to understand your condition from a different perspective.


The next step is to order the testing that will reveal the specific physiologic imbalances that are at play. We analyze a wide array of biomarkers, utilizing both computerized algorithms and consultations with experts at the different laboratories we use.


After analyzing your history and test results, we initiate a personalized treatment program with the support of our team of doctors, nurse practitioners, functional nutritionist, health coaches and affiliated practitioners. Treatments include health coaching, educational guidance, counseling, supplements, IV nutrients, physical therapies and pharmaceuticals when appropriate.


We track your progress and adjust your protocols through follow ups with the functional medicine team. We are available via phone, Zoom or messaging through the Patient Portal whenever you have a question or concern.

Program Details

First Visit

This is a 60- to 90-minute visit with Dr. Beer. See How to Prepare for Your Assessment for suggestions that will help you get the most value from your visit. It is essential that you complete the Medical Profile in the P2P Patient Portal as well as appropriate self- selected questionnaires. During your visit, we’ll collect and organize your data, provide a diagnostic analysis, and order the appropriate testing. In some cases, we may offer some treatment suggestions.

Nutritional Consultation

A one-hour telephone consultation with our Nutritionist to help you design the optimal diet plan and lifestyle modifications, and to provide you with guidelines to make these changes happen. You have the option to schedule additional consultations.

Follow-Up Visit

During this visit with Dr. Beer, we’ll review your test results and set up your initial treatment plan. Although some of our recommendations may be challenging or impractical for you, we have many approaches available. It is our job to design your treatment within the limits that you determine. We want to be partners in your success, and whether you’re only ready to take baby steps or you’re prepared to make giant leaps, we will accommodate you with an appropriate treatment plan.


Health is a dynamic process influenced by environmental, behavioral, and interpersonal factors. Tracking the changes in these factors over time is essential to the success of this program. This is where your full commitment and engagement are essential, because they are the key determinants of your success. One of the main goals is to attune you to the signals that your body sends – commonly known as symptoms. Understanding what causes your symptoms will allow you to make the necessary adjustments in your program to eliminate those causes.