Hormonal Imbalances & Bioidentical Replacement


The Problem


Hormones are the chemical messengers that tell the cells in our bodies how to function properly through the production of enzymes and structural proteins. Hormone pathways produce energy, govern gene expression, and build and repair our physical structures.


These communication systems include hypothalamic and pituitary hormones... thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormones... and neurotransmitters. Functionality is based on a messenger molecule traveling to a specific cell surface receptor and activating that receptor, which instructs the genetic structures within that cell to manufacture the appropriate substances.


As the population ages and environmental toxins act as endocrine disruptors, testosterone replacement therapy has become a popular and much needed treatment. Symptoms of low testosterone include low sex drive, weight gain, poor energy, loss of muscle mass, depression, difficulty concentrating, and irritability. The condition may also increase the risk of heart disease. Similar to men, peri- and-post menopausal women often experience symptoms of hot flashes, insomnia, bone weakness, low libido, mood dysregulation, and an increased risk of heart disease.


The IMNY Solution


IMNY uses the DUTCH test from Precision Analytical to assess urinary metabolites of sex hormones and salivary measurements of adrenal function. These test results give us uniquely informative and actionable insights into your hormonal functions.


Hormone deficiency can be managed in a variety of ways. Our approach starts with lifestyle improvement and nutritional support. When appropriate, individualized hormone replacement prescriptions are determined by various biomarkers and targeted to correct the metabolic imbalances that cause your pattern of symptoms. We use injections, topical creams, and patches in older men and women. We use hormones that are bioidentical, which means that they are recognized by the body as natural.


After hormone replacement therapy, many men and women report improved energy levels, sex drive, muscle mass, sleep, and mood. For younger men and women, we emphasize finding the underlying cause that is typically a lifestyle factor.


Included in this program are exercise counseling, stress management, and psychotherapy when appropriate. We can individualize treatment programs that suit your lifestyle and preferences, and we provide a clear explanation of risks and benefits to help you in decision-making.