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Mary-Beth Charno, ANP-BC

Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner


A graduate of both Stony Brook University with a Master’s degree in Advanced Practice Nursing, and Pace University with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing, Mary-Beth worked for ten years in oncology.  She started her career in hospital nursing at the bedside of acute cancer patients; then advanced to Certified Chemotherapy Nurse, treating in outpatient settings at Memorial Sloan Kettering and Monter Cancer Center.


Some of her most interesting work was spent at an alternative cancer center where Insulin Potentiation Therapy was offered to minimize the harmful side effects of full dose chemotherapy. Treatments were tailored to strengthen the immune system and included high dose vitamin C, IV minerals, ozone therapy, ultraviolet light therapy and unique nutritional approaches. These earlier concepts and treatments inform her understanding of Lyme therapy today.


Early on in her career she became Board Certified as a Holistic Nurse through the American Holistic Nurses Association, and this continues to inform her patient care. Mary-Beth is currently studying for certification at the Institute for Functional Medicine and just completed a year-long Advanced Training in Functional Medicine Clinic Emersion with Dr. Kara Fitzgerald.


Mary-Beth has become increasingly interested in the intersect of Functional Medicine, tick-borne and mold illness, collectively termed Environmentally Acquired Illness. She initially trained intensively with Dr. Richard Horowitz and is now learning under Dr. Jemsek, an Infectious Disease doctor in DC. Her protocols use a blend of pharmaceutical, herbal, neutraceutical, IV, and nutrition.


Mary-Beth is a 200-hr E-RYT/500-hr Registered Yoga teacher and is a graduate of the inaugural 2009 Urban Zen Integrative Therapist Program created by Donna Karen. Which offers patients a synergistic model of yoga, essential oils, Reiki and mindfulness practice and is reaching thousands of patients nationally, she is certified at the Master’s level in Reiki and is a practitioner of Breema, a system of gentle bodywork that fosters deep relaxation. Mary-Beth is happy to be on staff at IMNY for consult on tick borne illness. She lives in upstate NY, where she has her own practice. 

    Holly Niles, MS, CNS, LDN, IFMCP
    Licensed Functional Medicine Clinical Nutritionist

    In addition to being a Licensed Functional Medicine Clinical Nutritionist, Holly is an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner and Wellness Educator.

    Holly’s journey towards becoming an integrative practitioner began with an exploration of alternative healing practices, including traditional Chinese medicine, chiropractic and Shiatsu. She became interested in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and Kripalu Yoga and went on to become certified as a teacher in both disciplines. She also received her certification as a Power Pilates instructor. A few years later, she earned a Master of Science degree in Human Nutrition from University of Bridgeport in Connecticut.

    More recently, she served for several years as a Functional Medicine Nutritionist with Dr. Mark Hyman and his medical team at the UltraWellness center in Lenox, Massachusetts, one of the country’s pre-eminent functional medicine centers. With her wealth of training and experience, Holly considers herself to be not only a functional medicine nutritionist but also a lifestyle transformation specialist who is passionate about educating, guiding, coaching, and assisting clients in finding balance in their lives. Her approach is to help people find practical ways to enjoy making healthy changes that create wellness.

    Shoko Karakilic, NP

    Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner

    Shoko Karakilic is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner with specialties in Adult Primary Care and Holistic Medicine. She is currently employed as the Chief Nurse and Clinical Director at NutriDrip and Clean Market.

    Shoko was born in Japan and has lived in a number of countries, including Palau, Guam, Vietnam, and Turkey. She completed her undergraduate studies at New York University and has been living in NYC ever since. In 2012 she completed her MSN from New York University’s unique dual-degree program that combines integrative and allopathic disciplines.

    She has more than ten years of experience working as an RN and NP in primary care and hospital acute care settings. Shoko collaborates with each patient and develops a rapport to create a personalized plan for optimal health. Emphasis is placed on lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise. Dietary supplements and prescription medications are also used according to the best available evidence. Her specialty is IV vitamin infusion and the management of chronic diseases, including hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes.

    Shoko routinely practices healing modalities herself, including yoga, Reiki, meditation, infrared sauna, cryotherapy, and colonics. She is certified in Reiki and therapeutic touch. Shoko aspires to broaden her knowledge by pursuing her education in naturopathic medicine.

    Health Coaches

    Keri Ashkenazy

    Holistic Health Coach | Mindfulness Meditation Teacher | M.A. in Social-Organizational Psychology


    Keri came into her healing work after many years of trying to survive in an industry that left her feeling physically and emotionally depleted. Upon graduating from Boston College with an honors degree in Finance and a minor in Faith, Peace, and Justice, Keri chose to serve as a Peace Corps volunteer in Peru because of her desire to help others.

    After returning to the United States, Keri entered the corporate world, where she spent six years working first in developmental finance at a non-profit and then as credit analyst at a bank.  The work left her feeling chronically anxious and stressed out, and her body began to suffer. With severe gut imbalances and skin flare-ups from a genetic, auto-immune condition (psoriasis), Keri began to study how she could use nutrition, exercise and meditation to heal herself.


    As her mind and body began to heal, Keri realized her current career path would keep returning her to disease, so she decided to change careers and use her deep passion for health and wellness to do what she initially had it in her heart to do – help others.


    Today, as a meditation teacher (certified through MindSpace UK and Journey Meditation) and holistic health coach (AADP-certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition), Keri specializes in helping her clients learn specific diet and exercise protocols, as well as mediation and breathing exercises, to reduce chronic stress and inflammation. She also teaches people how to tune into their bodies, so they can learn what to eat and how to exercise based on what’s appropriate for their unique body compositions.

    Katie Costantino

    Holistic Nurse | Health & Wellness Coach

    Katie started her career in traditional western medicine, but became dissatisfied with many of the treatments provided by hospitals, especially for chronic conditions. As a result, she began to consider other options for health and wellness, redirecting her focus to holistic health.

    Katie has completed a certification course through the International Nurse Coaching Association and has taken a nutrition course through the Institute of Functional Medicine. She loves to guide others and help them get to the root of their problems. Her philosophy is about getting back to the purity of all things which include our food, our relationships, and our environment. She believes that our environment directly affects our mental health. Our environment includes our living situation, work spaces, community, the foods we eat, and the products we put on our bodies.

    Becoming aware of the surroundings within ourselves and our environment, we begin to connect the dots of our own health patterns. One of Katie's talents is assisting others in organizing their living space into something that is not only functional, but creates more room and is aesthetically pleasing.

    As a holistic nurse, Katie believes that life is a well-balanced dance with unexpected twists and turns that we cannot always plan. She helps her clients to envision a life where they are not bound by their "issues" or the never-ending to-do list. She helps them become more resilient to the stressors that life throws at us all, to remain hopeful when they want to give up, and to be kind to themselves and others.

    Karen Fuller

    Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach

     and Wellness Consultant

    Karen is passionate about brain health and helping people discover creative, expansive possibilities to reach their health goals. She has an extensive background in holistic medicine and is committed to supporting the body-mind-spirit's innate ability to heal, especially in the challenging area of cognitive decline. Her focus is on finding inner and outer resources and all kinds of loving ways to nurture ourselves, increase self-acceptance and spend time doing activities which feed our bodies and souls. Relaxation, pleasure and joy are so important.

    Having developed and run a wellness program for seniors for over 20 years, Karen had the opportunity to witness firsthand the powerful effects on well-being of exercise, nutrition, meditation, and social engagement. She also saw many clients, friends, and family members struggle with cognitive decline. Impacted by this, she enrolled in Dr. Dale Bredesen’s program for Reversing Cognitive Decline (AHNP-ReCODE Protocol).

    She has completed training in both the Institute of Functional Medicine's (Dr. Bredesen's Protocol) and the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy's certificate programs in Reversing Cognitive Decline.

    A long history of personal health challenges, serious childhood illnesses and an intense bout with Lyme disease inspired Karen to become involved in healing. Along with coaching (FMCHC), she studied naturopathic medicine (ND), homeopathy, classical Chinese medicine (LAc) including martial arts with Jeffrey Yuen, social work (LCSW-R),and various mind-body modalities (psychotherapy, meditation, Reiki, polarity, and sound healing). She brings a rich array of skills, knowledge, and experience to address the challenges of cognitive decline and optimize health, which she is eager to share.

    Dionne Nicholls

    Life and Leadership Coach


    Dionne is a mom and former fashion executive turned social entrepreneur. She worked in women's luxury fashion for 20 years before taking the leap from fashion to finance as the co-founder of the non-profit, financial literacy youth program called Financially CLEAN.  She is also known as “the Lady with the Facts," as co-host of iTunes 5-star rated podcast, Two Black Guys with Good Credit. In the health space, Dionne has been developing sleep apnea programs over the last two years, creating awareness around the serious chronic illnesses that can result if a sleep disorder is left untreated, and supporting patients on their journey to having longer healthier, more productive lives.


    In addition to serving the next generation, Dionne feels called to serve women in transitional periods of their lives.  She is a graduate of the internationally acclaimed and ICF accredited life and leadership coach training program, Accomplishment Coaching.


    She is also the Founder of “Live Your Best Life for You.” Dionne works with women to co-create lives of limitless possibility through forward action, accountability, and reinvention. Dionne listens for the underlying beliefs, assumptions and interpretations that keep her clients stuck. Her mission is to get her clients out of their own way to achieve the health, career, relationships, finances, and overall life goals they not only desire but deserve.

    Jessica Phillips, (FMCHC)

    Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

    Jessica has been an impassioned teacher and explorer in the integrative health field for most of her life. She is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCHC), health-supportive chef and culinary educator, and a yoga and meditation teacher. Her approach to health and healing supports and educates people to make sustainable shifts in their self-care to prevent and treat chronic illness.

    Jessica attended George Washington University with a Presidential Arts Scholarship and graduated with a BA in Dance and Psychology. Having completed her initial yoga training in 2001 at OM Yoga Center, she continues to develop in this space through numerous certifications in breathing techniques, anatomy, and different therapeutic applications. She remains a “teacher of teachers” within the Yoga Alliance, E-RYT 500. 

    For the last ten years she has continued her training in Zen Buddhism at the Ordinary Mind Zendo under the guidance of Barry Magid, dharma heir to Joko Beck. She continues to teach yoga and meditation. 

    She is a graduate of The Natural Gourmet Institute Accredited Chef Program and spent her internship at the San Francisco Zen Center’s Green Gulch farm and monastery. As a private chef in New York City, she worked predominantly with clients struggling with cancer. Before broadening her focus to include a wider array of “food is medicine” diets, she helped create and implement meal plans to provide nutrient-dense, cancer-fighting food.

    Her coaching practice focuses not on the problem to be fixed, but on providing a safe, mindful space to focus on the different pillars of functional medicine: nutrition, stress, movement, sleep, family, and community.

    Sarah Thacker

    Certified EMDR practitioner | Board Certified Art Therapist | Certified Holistic Health Coach | Registered Yoga Instructor |Certified Yoga Therapist

    Sarah's mission is to offer her clients an accepting and supportive space where they can reclaim their health in mind, body and spirit. She provides health and wellness coaching to help her clients release stress and grow into their full potential. She shows them how to discover and connect with their innate wisdom and intuition, supporting their journey to healing from the deepest roots. Sarah's healing sessions call upon a variety of techniques, include mindfulness, meditation, cognitive behavioral techniques, self-compassion, and nutritional healing. 

     Sessions are designed to deepen self-awareness, self-exploration and self-acceptance while improving overall wellness by managing mental and emotional stress. 

    For those who have deeply ingrained negative beliefs about themselves and past traumas that have contributed to or reinforced those beliefs, Sarah uses EMDR therapy. EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It is a very powerful therapeutic technique to address a variety of negative cognitions, thought patterns and distressing emotions. EMDR is extremely beneficial for a variety of emotional challenges ranging from panic attacks, anxiety and trauma to chronic pain and illness.

    Sarah is the author of the book, “Wholistic Food Therapy: A Mindful Approach to Making Peace with Food.”

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