Optimal Health Physical Examination

The optimal health physical examination is designed to take a proactive, holistic approach to keeping you healthy. The goal of this exam is to assess each person’s personalized lifestyle factors based on the functional medicine matrix: nutrition and hydration, sleep and relaxation, exercise and movement, stress and resilience and relationships and community. We do this through a series of comprehensive tests, performing a detailed health history and physical examination. The goal of this testing is to identify any lifestyle, genetic or environmental risks that are predisposing your body to imbalance and “dis-ease” so that we can work on correcting these imbalances.

Below is a timeline of the Optimal Health physical examination and what is included in this package:

1st Appointment: Initial - 30 minutes

The first appointment is scheduled with one of our medical assistants to perform the following tests:

Electrocardiogram (ECG): An ECG looks at the electrical rhythm of your heart. This test is performed to assess the conduction pathways of the heart.

Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA): A BIA assesses your body composition as well as your body’s metabolism by reading a current that is passed through your body. This test will tell us your baseline metabolism, % body fat, water and muscle. This information is useful when designing a personalized diet, workout routine or fitness goals.

IGS Panel: This comprehensive laboratory profile from Empire City Laboratories includes standard physical assessment blood work in addition to significant genetic markers, sex hormones, vitamins, minerals and metabolic detoxification markers.

Photoplethysmography (Pulse wave testing): Pulse wave testing is a non-invasive finger sensor that is used to detect volumetric changes of blood in peripheral circulation. The results are used to measure heart rate variability, cardiac output, arterial compliance, ageing, endothelial function and microvascular blood flow. This information is useful in evaluating cardiovascular health.

2nd Appointment: 1 month later - 60 minutes

The second appointment is scheduled with one of our providers. During this appointment, we will review your comprehensive health history, discuss your health goals, perform your physical examination and review the findings of the testing from your first appointment. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and work with our providers to design your health plan. We use the results of your lGS panel to design a personalized supplement for you to bring your body’s vitamins, minerals and hormones into optimal balance.

3rd Appointment: 5 months later - 15 minutes

The third appointment is scheduled with one of our medical assistants for a repeat blood draw of your IGS panel.

4th Appointment: 1 month after 3rd appointment - 30 minutes

The fourth appointment is scheduled with one of our providers to review the results of your IGS panel. During this visit, we reassess your levels after supplementation, how you are feeling and what needs to be adjusted based on the new results.

Additional Benefits of the Optimal Health Program Membership:

  • 10% discount on Fullscript, our online neutraceutical dispensary
  • 15-20% discount at Nutridrip and Clean Market, our partners in wellness specializing in IV therapies, cryotherapy and infrared sauna
  • 2 included visits with either our nutritionist or one of our health coaches to help you put your optimal health plan into action
  • Access to group education sessions with our health coaches
  • Priority over same-day appointments
  • 24/7 access to our providers via the patient portal messaging with response time within 24 hours
  • Access to a private Facebook group that provides a safe space to connect and discuss health care topics with our providers and fellow patients
  • Discounts when seeing our affiliated providers