How to Use the P2P Online Portal


POWER2PATIENT ONLINE PORTAL: A better way to manage your healthcare

  • Access your medical records, medications, and immunizations
  • View your test and lab results
  • Print out lab test requisitions
  • Schedule appointments
  • Prepare for your visit by answering a few questions
  • View medical notes from office visits • Request prescription refills
  • Order vitamins and supplements
  • View instructional information
  • Send and receive messages from your healthcare practitioner
  • Sign documents electronically

“Mission Control” for Your Health

As an IMNY patient, you’ll have access to the Power2Patient (P2P) Portal – a secure, easy- to- use online system that empowers you to take control of your healthcare as well as virtually every aspect of your relationship with IMNY. You can access the P2P Portal wherever you are, from any web browser, 24 hours a day.

Never Wait on Hold Again

If you hate to wait on hold, you’ll love the P2P Portal. It lets you connect directly with our office to schedule appointments, request prescription refills, send secure messages to providers and staff, monitor your heath progress, download test requisitions, access billing records and make payments, even order vitamins and supplements. Virtually everything that you used to do over the phone, you can now do on the P2P Portal – quicker and with less effort.

Get the Most Out of Your Visit

Imagine sitting down in your healthcare provider’s office for an appointment, and before you’ve said a word, your provider already knows the reason for your visit and the issues you wish to discuss, and has already reviewed the relevant test results and other information in your medical records. That’s what happens when you use the P2P Portal to prepare for your appointment by filling out the online “pre-visit” questionnaire located under the HEALTH tab. It’s the most efficient and effective way to gain maximum benefit from every visit to IMNY.

Your Entire Healthcare History in One Easy-to-Access Location

P2P is the home for your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) – a comprehensive, organized, easy-to-access source of information about every aspect of your healthcare. Test results. Immunizations. Medications. Surgeries. Providers’ notes on office visits. And if you have health records from other providers, you can fax or bring them to our office. We’ll digitize and upload them to your P2P Portal. Never again will you have to sort through stacks of paper in search of old MRI or lab test results.

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How to Register at the P2P Online Portal
How to get the most out of the P2P Online Portal
Medications & Suppliments
E-Sign Documents
Making an Appointment