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Integrative Medical NY is a medical practice specializing in functional medicine.

At Integrative Medical NY, patients find a wide range of services to recover from chronic illness, regain energy, and live fuller, healthier lives. With an emphasis on functional diagnosis and integrative therapies, our Manhattan-based practice serves a wide range of patients, from those seeking to optimize their health to those with chronic, complex illnesses. The foundation of functional medicine allows our medical team to diagnose and treat illness with many different approaches. The practice is led by Dr. Maurice Beer and Dr. Tim Morley and is supported by a team of associated practitioners, health coaches, and nutritionists.




Today’s model of one-size-fits-all medical care is based on economic efficiency and cost-effective care. We do not believe in that theory. – Dr. Maurice Beer


At Integrative Medical NY, we form a true “partnership” with our patients. Our office visits are at least an hour long, and we encourage ongoing communication and exchange of information with our patients via our messaging system through electronic medical records. The patient can access their records and message our physicians 24 hours a day.
Dr. Beer and Dr. Morley are committed to educating our patients. The word “doctor” is Latin for teacher. We take that seriously and believe that our patients should be educated on the mechanisms and causes of their illnesses.

The patient has access to hundreds of educational articles, which can further increase the patient’s understanding of his or her illness.
The hallmark of our practice is identifying and treating the underlying mechanisms of illness. Extensive and exclusive testing is used to deeply delve into the patient’s health, thereby allowing us to “connect the dots” of the seemingly unrelated symptoms, which actually have a common underlying cause. Our treatment plans establish goals in an orderly and timely fashion, which aligns with our patients’ goals.

IMNY ensures that patients always have access to the appropriate staff. We realize and emphasize that lifestyle and diet is one of the most important elements to overcoming chronic illness and maintaining optimal health. Dr. Beer and Dr. Morley understand and appreciate the fact that the patient’s underlying mental health is often key to a person’s physical health. Simply stated, we believe in the mind-body connection that has been the hallmark of medicine for thousands of years, then seemingly forgotten in our present day and age.

Patient Testimony

“It was a wonderful first time experience in an integrative medicine practice. The level of attention, personalized care and caring was superb. We were there for about 3 hours and received outstanding care. Strongly recommend if you want to significantly improve your health and needs help.”

– Ana via Google



The Integrative Medical NY Functional Medicine Way

The Annual Preventive Exam

Today’s traditional medical exam is focused simply on disease detection and relies on the treatment of symptoms without identifying the cause of those symptoms. We don’t do that. We identify the underlying medical problems, go upstream to the source of your symptoms, reverse disease, and defer aging.

The Medical History

Unfortunately, taking a complete medical history is NOT how most physicians are trained. Our usual training teaches us to take a “focused history,” one limited to the patient’s complaint. However, the real root cause of your problem may be missed. As Functional Medicine providers, we look back at ALL the significant events in a person’s life. This is important because each event, whether it’s a medical, psychological, or structural problem, leaves an imprint in us and on us that can manifest in illness years or sometimes decades later. We log all of the events chronologically, and then we interpret them by what we call “connecting the dots medicine” to see how these events have in their cumulative fashion, led to a patient’s current condition. By providing this extended context, we identify all actionable steps which can support the challenge of making chnges and truly healing.

The Physical Exam

Unfortunately, the classic physical exam of today’s medicine has been replaced by reliance on imaging and the structural information imaging provides. Conversely, we, as Functional Medicine physicians, are “detectives,” and combining the extremely detailed history and extensive physical exam, we realize that the patient’s body can provide a wealth of clues, both structural and functional.


It is estimated that close to 90% of people have underlying medical conditions that are often either unknown or unrecognized, which affect the risk for heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses. Unfortunately, in today’s world, most physicians are not trained in the early diagnosis of these conditions. This is futher complicated by the fact that blood tests rely on “normal” values, which is very often misleading. Simply stated, what’s normal for one person may not be normal for someone else. Medicine should not be a “one size fits all” proposition, and thus we treat every patient individually. This concept of Bioindividuality is ofter where traditional medicine misses the mark.

Functional Testing

Conventional testing provides a snapshot of an individual’s health. On the other hand, Functional Testing looks at complex metabolic intermediaries and patterns to identify active treatable problems that often are missed with conventional testing. We often go so far as to perform DNA analysis which provides to us much more sensitive and specific insights into any problems that have arisen or problems in the future so we can treat before serious issues arise. This is the preventative health aspect of our practice which is not yet valued in today’s healthcare system.


Patient Testimony

Dr. Beer kindly explained everything in detail and I was able to understand the course of treatment fully. His assistant Monique was very helpful and kind as well. Marilyn was so kind and helpful. She printed all of notes for me and was able to show me where to find things on the patient portal. So happy to begin treatment ! – – Valentina T. via Google

Expert Diagnostics

Access to advanced diagnostic testing to uncover underlying causes.

Functional Medicine

Achieve long-term healing with a range of traditional, alternative, and integrative therapies.

Medical Team

IMNY patients are supported by a team of associated practitioners, health coaches, and nutritionists.

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