• Have you been feeling anxious, excessively worried, depressed; or finding yourself more easily distracted, frustrated or angered? If so, you might have a sick brain.


    Mental health is a crucial component to our overall health and well-being. We can’t be physically healthy unless we take care of our mental health. And, we also need to take care of our physical health in order to be mentally healthy.

  • Do you long for the day you no longer feel stretched in what feels like five million and one directions?


    The first thing to realize is that trying to control time is a futile endeavor. However, what you can do is get clear on your priorities which will make it easier to set some healthy boundaries. Setting boundaries creates space to take care of ourselves and honor what is important to us.

  • Just as we know our bodies need exercise to remain strong and fit, we must recognize that we also need exercises to help keep ourselves mentally and emotionally strong and fit.


    So many of us get caught up thinking about the past with guilt or regret. We think that we wish we “could have, should have, would have” done something differently. And if we’re not thinking about the past, we're often worrying about the future and how certain things might play out. No wonder we are so stressed out and anxious! The truth is, we can’t change the past and we have no way to predict the future.