• When I was first introduced to functional medicine, one of the new concepts we discussed was the microbiome.


    Back in 1995 this was barely mentioned in conventional medicine, and if talked about the microbiome or probiotics with colleagues, they would respond that there was little evidence they were of any significance. 


    The value of probiotics in digestive health was ignored by both general physicians and gastroenterologists. At best, people were told to consume yogurt because it was rich in lactobacillus.

  • Over 300,000 Americans every year are newly diagnosed with Lyme Disease, an illness transmitted from the deer tick that can cause debilitating neurological and physical symptoms.


    If you are planning on spending time outdoors in Upstate NY, Pennsylvania, Long Island, or Connecticut this fall, you may come in contact with ticks that spread this disease and other co-infections.


    We felt it was important to send a message out to our patients on how to prevent tick bites and how to respond should one occur.

  • Intermittent fasting has become increasing popular, gaining attention in the media over the past few years.


    Many patients have asked us about the data supporting fasting, and if it really is as powerful as people say. Here we hope to set the record straight on fasting and explain with evidence why this diet tool is so effective (not to mention affordable!).


    Our bodies were designed for a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, where food was not routinely available. Fortunately, our bodies adapted to use the sporadic food supply to our advantage. Here is some evidence explaining how and why.

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